• ABTraceTogether Privacy Impact Assessment Review Report

    The OIPC released a report on its review of the ABTraceTogether contact-tracing application privacy impact assessment (PIA), given the global attention focused on contact-tracing apps during the COVID-19 pandemic. The PIA was submitted by Alberta Health, and endorsed by Alberta Health Services. The OIPC accepted the PIA, with recommendations.

  • Joint Resolution: Reinforcing Privacy and Access to Information Rights During and After a Pandemic

    Canada’s Information and Privacy regulators called on their respective governments to respect Canadians' quasi-constitutional rights to privacy and access to information. The regulators took note of the serious impact the COVID-19 pandemic has had on the right of access to information and privacy rights in Canada and called on governments to use the lessons learned during the pandemic to improve these rights.

  • Managing Records When Transitioning from Work to Home

    The OIPC has received questions from organizations in all sectors about how to manage records or personal information when transitioning staff to work from home. To assist, the OIPC provided some points to consider. Published in April 2020.

  • Pandemic FAQ: Customer Lists

    The OIPC has received several questions from organizations and individuals about keeping a customer list or contact log during the COVID-19 pandemic, particularly in retail locations and at restaurants. This advisory provides considerations to ensure that organizations comply with Alberta’s Personal Information Protection Act when making and keeping lists of customers and their contact information.

  • Pandemic FAQ: Proof of Vaccination

    As more individuals receive COVID-19 vaccinations, some organizations may be considering asking customers to provide proof of vaccination in order to receive discounts, access goods or services, or enter a store. This advisory provides guidance for organizations subject to PIPA that are considering asking for or requiring proof of vaccination from customers for these or similar purposes.

  • Privacy in a Pandemic

    This guidance is meant to help public bodies, health custodians and private sector organizations know how personal or health information may be shared during a pandemic or emergency situation. Privacy laws are not a barrier to appropriate information sharing in these circumstances. Updated in March 2020.