Mobile Devices

The OIPC is undertaking a review of its resources. If there is a resource from the previous website that is no longer available, please contact the office.

  • Advisory for Phishing

    This advisory was developed to assist senior leaders and employees in all sectors who are regularly subject to phishing incidents, based on breach reports the OIPC receives. The advisory defines phishing, describes how phishing is executed, outlines what to watch for to prevent phishing incidents, gives examples of safeguards to help mitigate the risks of phishing, and provides an overview of what to do if and when a breach occurs. Published in May 2019.

  • Seizing Opportunity: Good Privacy Practices for Developing Mobile Apps

    This guidance was developed jointly by the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada and the Offices of the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Alberta and British Columbia to draw attention to key privacy considerations when designing and developing mobile apps. Published in October 2012.