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The OIPC is undertaking a review of its resources. If there is a resource from the previous website that is no longer available, please contact the office.

  • Adjudication: Basics of Solicitor-Client Privilege

    This was a presentation at the Forum on the Application of Solicitor-Client Privilege on February 10, 2009.

  • Adjudication: Evidence and Arguments for Inquiries

    This document defines how evidence and arguments are defined for inquiries before the OIPC. Published in May 2012.

  • Adjudication: Inquiry Procedures

    This practice note outlines the procedures when a matter before the OIPC goes to inquiry. Published in May 2012.

  • Adjudication: Preparing Submissions, Records and Indexes for Inquiries

    The instructions provided in this practice note regarding records and indexes apply to public bodies, organizations and custodians in inquiries that involve their refusal to disclose information in response to an access request. Published in May 2012.

  • Privilege Practice Note

    This practice note was developed for the OIPC's reviews and inquiries in which a respondent (public body, organization or custodian) to an access request has claimed solicitor-client privilege or litigation privilege. Published in December 2016.

  • Producing Records to the Commissioner: Restoring Independent and Effective Oversight under the FOIP Act

    This Special Report was submitted to the Legislative Assembly. It requests that the FOIP Act be amended to give the Commissioner the power to require public bodies to produce records over which solicitor-client privilege and other similar privileges are claimed, when necessary. This amendment is proposed to ensure there is an accessible, affordable and timely way for Albertans to seek review of government and other public bodies’ responses to access requests. The requested amendment will also enhance Albertans’ participation in the democratic process to hold their government to account through an effective access to information regime.

  • Request for Inquiry Form

    Following mediation or investigation, an applicant or complainant may request a matter go to inquiry to be decided. Updated in March 2011.