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  • Calgary Police Service's Use of Body-Worn Cameras

    On October 2, 2014, the Commissioner wrote a letter to the Calgary Police Service's Chief of Police to raise a number of privacy and access to information issues about its plan to pilot the use of body-worn cameras by its officers.

  • Captured on Camera: Street Level Imaging Technology, the Internet and You

    Street-level imaging technology may offer benefits, but these should not come at the cost of privacy. This fact sheet provides awareness on the use of such technology. Published in August 2010.

  • Causes of Breaches and Breach Prevention Recommendations

    This document helps organizations, custodians and public bodies in understanding some causes of breaches and recommendations to prevent breaches. Published in 2012.

  • Cloud Computing for Small- and Medium-Sized Enterprises

    This guidance document, prepared jointly by the federal Office of the Privacy Commissioner and the Offices of the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Alberta and British Columbia is specifically intended to help small- and medium-sized enterprises understand what their privacy responsibilities are and to offer some suggestions to address privacy considerations in the cloud. Published in June 2012.

  • Collection of Driver's Licence Numbers Under Private Sector Privacy Legislation: A Guide for Retailers

    This guide is intended to help retailers navigate the privacy issues and risks related to driver’s licences and to encourage them to carefully consider whether they need any information from customer driver’s licences at all. Published in March 2007.

  • Commissioner Highlights Privacy Education Initiatives in Alberta

    Following up on a letter to the Council of Ministers of Education, Canada from all federal, provincial and territorial privacy protection authorities, the Commissioner wrote to Alberta's Minister of Education to highlight some ongoing initiatives in Alberta to enhance privacy education. The letter was sent to the Minister of Education on November 8, 2017 during Media Literacy Week.

  • Commissioner's Response to Street Checks and Policing Public Consultation

    The Commissioner wrote a letter in response to the Government of Alberta's public consultation on the practice of police street checks. The consultation's purpose was to help in the development of provincial guidelines for the practice of police street checks. Published in October 2017.

  • Consultation on Canada's National Security Framework

    In December 2016, Canada's privacy commissioners and ombudspersons submitted a letter to the Government of Canada on its national security framework consultation.

  • Council of Ministers of Education, Canada Called on to Prioritize Privacy Education

    Federal, provincial and territorial privacy protection authorities called on Ministers of Education to clearly and concretely include privacy education as a component in digital literacy curricula across the country. The letter was sent to the Council of Ministers of Education, Canada on November 3, 2017.

  • Cyberbullying Bill

    On June 2, 2014, the Commissioner, in partnership with Ontario and British Columbia's Information and Privacy Commissioners, wrote to the Standing Committee on Justice and Human Rights expressing concern about Bill C-13, the cyberbullying and "lawful access" bill.

  • Cybersecurity from a Privacy Regulator's Perspective

    On October 27, 2016, Commissioner Jill Clayton delivered a keynote presentation at Cybera's 2016 Cyber Summit, which focused on the Internet of Things, privacy breaches, privacy education, and privacy law from a European context.

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