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The following is a list of some of the most recent postings on the website, including Orders, Investigation Reports, news releases and resources. The dates below correspond to the date that each item was posted on the website.

Order P2019-06: Worley Parsons Canada
November 7, 2019

An individual made an access request to Worley Parsons Canada for his personal file, in addition to other records regarding his insurance claim, and information documenting a litigation hold. The organization provided the applicant with his personal file and other information about his insurance claims. However, it refused to provide references contained in his personal file, draft calculations and information regarding documenting a litigation hold, on the basis that such information was outside the scope of PIPA. In his submissions for the inquiry, the applicant demanded records unrelated to those that were the subject of the requests for review and inquiry. He also made complaints against the organization, many of which were outside the scope of PIPA to address. The Adjudicator determined that the applicant had no interest in the subject matter of the inquiry and confirmed that the organization had responded appropriately to the applicant under PIPA.

News Release: Commissioners Urge Governments to Modernize Laws
November 6, 2019

In a joint resolution, Information and Privacy Ombudspersons and Commissioners from across Canada urged their governments to modernize access to information and privacy laws. “Most Canadian access and privacy laws have not been fundamentally changed since their passage, some more than 35 years ago,” the resolution says. “They have sadly fallen behind the laws of many other countries in the level of privacy protection provided to citizens.” Canada’s access to information and privacy guardians noted that along with its many benefits, the rapid advancement of technologies has had an impact on fundamental democratic principles and human rights, including access to information and privacy.

Joint Resolution: Commissioners Call for Modernized Legislation
November 6, 2019

In a joint resolution, Information and Privacy Ombudspersons and Commissioners from across Canada urged their governments to modernize access to information and privacy laws.

Order F2019-39: Grande Prairie Public School District #2357
November 5, 2019

An individual requested her entire human resources file, board meeting information regarding her employment, and copies of certain contracts, project, jobs, work and designs awarded to a particular trustee and any of his companies. The request was made to Grande Prairie Public School District #2357. The applicant requested a review of the school district's search for responsive records, as well as exceptions to access applied by the school district to withhold information. The Adjudicator determined that the school district conducted an adequate search for responsive records.

Order F2019-40: Calgary Police Service
November 5, 2019

After receiving information from an access request, an individual submitted a complaint that Calgary Police Service (CPS) collected, used or disclosed his personal information in contravention of the FOIP Act. He complained that several accesses of his personal information – in particular by a police officer (referred to as AB), now married to the complainant’s former spouse, as well as by other CPS staff who had relationships with AB or with the complainant’s former spouse – contravened the FOIP Act. CPS acknowledged that AB had used the complainant’s personal information by accessing it from a CPS database and that this use was unauthorized. However, the Adjudicator found that there was insufficient evidence to determine that AB disclosed the personal information that was used (accessed) without authority.

Order F2019-38: Municipal District of Opportunity
October 30, 2019

On April 3, 2018, the applicant made an access request to the Municipal District of Opportunity No. 17. It did not respond to the applicant, and was ordered to respond.

News Release: Police Information Checks Legislation Recommended
October 25, 2019

The Commissioner publicly issued a letter written to the Minister of Justice and Solicitor General calling for legislation to resolve issues identified by the the OIPC and the Alberta Court of Queen’s Bench related to police information checks and vulnerable sector checks. The recommendation stems from a case where it was determined that EPS' use and disclosure of an individual's personal information contravened the FOIP Act.

Notice: Website Outage
October 24, 2019

The OIPC’s website was down beginning on Saturday, October 19 to the morning of Wednesday, October 23 due to an incident affecting the website’s server, which is hosted by a third party service provider. The third party’s server was subject to ransomware. The only OIPC information on the server was the website. The OIPC’s website is separate from its internal network. As a result, there were no risks to personal information. The service provider has enhanced its security protocols to help prevent such incidents from reoccurring. We apologize for any inconvenience. Questions can be directed to webmaster@oipc.ab.ca.

Order P2019-05: YWCA of Calgary
October 17, 2019

An individual made an access request to the YWCA of Calgary for his and his children's personal information. The Adjudicator found that the YWCA of Calgary conducted an adequate search for responsive records. The applicant’s submissions indicated that he may have expected to receive information he is not entitled to under PIPA. The YWCA of Calgary also confirmed that there were no backups of emails from the timeframe of the applicant’s request.

Order F2019-34: Thorhild County
October 17, 2019

An individual made an access request to Thorhild County for copies of emails between two Thorhild County employees and the Deputy Minister and Assistant Deputy Minister of Municipal Affairs. Thorhild County responded to the request, stating that it did not locate any responsive records. The Adjudicator determined Thorhild County conducted an adequate search for records.

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