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The following is a list of some of the most recent postings on the website, including Orders, Investigation Reports, news releases and resources. The dates below correspond to the date that each item was posted on the website.

Order P2021-01: PriceWaterhouseCoopers LLP
April 8, 2021

PriceWaterhouseCoopersLLP (PWC) required an employee to fill out a form for independence testing, which asked for detailed information about the employee and his wife. The employee questioned whether his employer was entitled to his personal information and whether reasonable security arrangements were in place to protect the information it collected. The Adjudicator ordered PWC to undertake a review of its collection practices with respect to a few items of information collected for independence testing. The Adjudicator found PWC had reasonable security arrangements in place.

Order P2021-02: The Anglican Diocese of Calgary
April 8, 2021

An individual complained that The Anglican Diocese of Calgary sent copies of a letter regarding him to clergy, retired clergy and Diocesan members. The Adjudicator determined that The Anglican Diocese of Calgary did not have authority to use or disclose the complainant's personal information.

Order P2021-03: General Teamsters, Local Union No. 362
April 8, 2021

An individual complained that the General Teamsters, Local Union No. 362 had collected her social insurance number contrary to PIPA. The Adjudicator found that the social insurance was collected in accordance with the collective agreement between the union and the individual's employer. The Adjudicator found that the union was acting as a certified bargaining agent for a bargaining unit in the federal sector when it collected the information and found that it was not an organization to which PIPA applied, for that reason.

Order P2021-04: ABC Benefits Corporation
April 8, 2021

An individual made a complaint that ABC Benefits Corporation, operating as Alberta Blue Cross (ABC), disclosed her personal information to the biological father of her two children, and his girlfriend, in contravention of PIPA. She also complained that ABC disclosed the personal information of her two children to their biological father in contravention of PIPA. The Adjudicator made several findings in relation to the complaint, including that ABC had complied with PIPA when it disclosed personal information related to benefit claims and statements.

Order F2021-09: Indigenous Relations
April 8, 2021

An individual complained that his employer, Indigenous Relations, disclosed his personal information on two occasions contrary to the FOIP Act. The Adjudicator found that an email sent by an employee contained personal information that was disclosed in contravention of the FOIP Act (section 40). The Adjudicator also found that some of the complainant's personal information was disclosed by another employee during a staff meeting in contravention of the FOIP Act, but there was insufficient evidence to determine whether a particular statement about the complainant had been made during the meeting.

Order F2021-10: City of Edmonton
April 8, 2021

An individual complained about the disclosure of his personal information by the City of Edmonton to a medical expert without his consent during a grievance process. The Adjudicator found that the City of Edmonton had authority to disclose the complainant's personal information to the medical expert without the complainant's consent.

Order F2020-11: City of Edmonton
April 8, 2021

An applicant made an access request to the City of Edmonton for records relating to a decision to locate an LRT station at a particular site. The City of Edmonton failed to meet timelines in responding. When it responded, it withheld some information citing advice from officials (section 24) and disclosure harmful to economic and other interests of a public body (section 25). In addition to requesting a review of the City of Edmonton's decisions to withhold information, the applicant also requested a review of the adequacy of search. During the inquiry, the City of Edmonton withdrew its application of sections 24 and 25. The Adjudicator found that the scope of the search was unclear and ordered the City of Edmonton to conduct another search for responsive records.

New Webpage: Requests to Disregard
March 29, 2021

The OIPC has been publishing more request to disregard decisions in recent years. These decisions have been removed from the Other Decisions webpage to a separate webpage.

Request to Disregard F2021-RTD-02: Justice and Solicitor General
March 26, 2021

Alberta Justice and Solicitor General (JSG) requested authorization to disregard 13 access requests from an individual, as well as authorization to disregard any future requests until court proceedings related to the applicant's death threat against JSG employees has concluded. JSG also requested limits on future access requests from the applicant, after the court proceedings conclude. The Commissioner granted JSG's request to disregard the applicant's access requests and place limits on future access requests from the applicant. The applicant's requests were found to be repetitious or systematic in nature and amounted to an abuse of the right to make those requests.

Resource: Guidelines for Usage-Based Insurance
March 24, 2021

This document provides practical guidance to the insurance industry regarding the collection, use, disclosure and retention of personal information related to usage-based insurance programs. See also Privacy Impact Assessment Guidelines for Insurers Looking to Implement Usage-Based Insurance Programs in Alberta.

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