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News releases have been adapted for more convenient viewing online. If you would like an original PDF copy of a news release prior to December 31, 2014, please contact the OIPC.

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Feb-23-2017 Information and Privacy Commissioner Releases Investigation Reports on Delays in Responding to Access Requests
The OIPC released two investigation reports today that looked into delays in responding to access requests by Alberta Justice and Solicitor General, and Executive Council and Public Affairs Bureau. While the reports had different findings and recommendations, a few themes emerged. Senior leadership support is essential to engender a culture that respects access to information, resourcing and staffing for processing access requests has not kept pace with the number of requests received, and having trust in the professionals who manage access requests would reduce the time spent reviewing and signing off on the release of records.
F2017 IR 01
F2017 IR 02
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