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When We Can and Cannot Comment

Although the OIPC's response to each request is determined on a case-by-case basis, what the office typically can comment on includes:

  • Whether the OIPC has been notified of a breach of personal information in the public or private sectors. If in the private sector, the Commissioner must be notified of a breach and will determine whether the organization must contact affected individuals. If in the public sector, it is not mandatory for a breach to be reported but is highly recommended. 
  • When the Commissioner publicly opens an investigation to ensure compliance with the legislation.
  • Providing notice of convictions under any one of the acts.
  • Commenting on legislative schemes or programs that may have implications on access and privacy rights.
  • Informing the public about the Acts through annual reports, guidance or other resources.
  • If a complaint has been submitted to the OIPC that potentially affects many individuals, and the complainant cannot be identified, there will be confirmation whether an investigation has been opened.

What the OIPC typically cannot comment on includes:

  • Prejudging or commenting on the validity of a specific request for review or complaint.
  • A specific situation that may be subject to a complaint in our office and the complainant could be identified.
  • A specific situation under inquiry in our office. A timeline for the completion of an inquiry will not be provided due to a variety of factors that impact the length of the adjudication process.
  • When an individual or group publicly announces that it has filed an access to information request for records, the OIPC cannot comment on the validity of the request as it may come under review by the office.
  • The status of an investigation, such as when a report will be released, any findings from the investigator or any comments other than to say whether the investigation is ongoing or before the courts.
  • Issues that are before the courts at any level. A court record that is public speaks for itself.
  • The results of an Order as the Order decided by an Adjudicator speaks for itself.

This list is not exhaustive. It is intended to provide a general understanding of some of the situations to which the OIPC may respond.