PIPA Review

In June 2015, the Standing Committee on Alberta's Economic Future was tasked with a comprehensive review of the Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA). Within 18 months, the committee must submit its report and recommended amendments to the Legislative Assembly of Alberta.

For more information on the committee, its members, transcripts of meetings and related documents, please visit the committee's page on the Legislative Assembly Office's website.

Review of PIPA

The OIPC's review of PIPA was submitted in February 2016:

Commissioner's Speeches

On October 15, 2015 and September 7, 2016, the Commissioner made presentations to the committee, which summarized the office's experiences with PIPA and provided context for the Commissioner's recommendations for improving PIPA.

PIPA Stats: OIPC's Experience

PIPA Review General Stats Oct15

PIPA Review Breach Stats Oct15