Requests to Disregard


A "request to disregard" is made by a public body, health custodian or private sector organization under section 55 of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, section 87 of the Health Information Act and section 37 of the Personal Information Protection ActThese provisions provide the Commissioner with the power to authorize a public body, health custodian and private sector organization to disregard access requests in certain circumstances.

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Decision Release Date Body
Request to Disregard F2021-RTD-03 Aug 26 2021 Calgary Police Service
Summary: The Calgary Police Service (CPS) requested authorization to disregard an access request from an individual. The Commissioner granted CPS' request to disregard the applicant's access request. The... [More]
Request to Disregard F2021-RTD-02 Mar 19 2021 Alberta Justice and Solicitor General
Summary: Alberta Justice and Solicitor General (JSG) requested authorization to disregard 13 access requests from an individual, as well as authorization to disregard any future requests until court... [More]
Request to Disregard F2021-RTD-01 Mar 10 2021 Alberta Health Services
Summary: An entity requested a review of Alberta Health Services' (AHS) response to an access request. As the review before the OIPC was proceeding, AHS requested authorization to disregard the applicant's... [More]
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