An inquiry may be conducted if a matter cannot be settled through mediation or investigation under all three Acts. A formal, binding order is made at the conclusion of an inquiry.

The legislated authority for conducting an inquiry exists under section 69(1) of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FOIP Act), section 77(1) of the Health Information Act (HIA) and section 50(1) of the Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA). Section 72(1) of the FOIP Act, section 80(1) of the HIA and section 52(1) of PIPA then provides the authority for the Commissioner to issue a formal order. 

Commissioner's Orders are listed by year and are posted shortly after they are issued to the applicants and respondents. Orders are also in the CanLII database, The Canadian Legal Information Institute, at www.canlii.org.

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Order Date Body
F2020-04 Mar 5 2020 Alberta Health
Summary: An applicant made four separate access requests to Alberta Health. Each request was for any documentation containing the applicant’s name, held by a specific Alberta Health employee. A different... [More]
F2020-03 Feb 28 2020 Alberta Justice and Solicitor General
Summary: An individual made a request to Alberta Justice and Solicitor General (JSG) for records relating to the 2013 floods and more specifically, information relating to the berms that were constructed. The... [More]
F2020-02 Feb 20 2020 Peace River School Division No. 10
Summary: Peace River School Division No. 10 issued a Trespass Notice against the applicant. The applicant made an access request seeking records that would identify the individuals responsible for it. In... [More]
F2020-01 Feb 7 2020 Alberta Health Services
Summary: An individual complained that Alberta Health Services (AHS) improperly disclosed his personal and health information to the Lethbridge Police Department (LPD). The disclosure related to a complaint... [More]
F2020-R-01 Jan 7 2020 Alberta Emergency Management Agency
Summary: This order is a reconsideration of Order F2017-54, which examined the response of the Alberta Emergency Management Agency to an access request under the FOIP Act. On judicial review of that order,... [More]
H2020-03 Mar 9 2020 Dr. Klaus D. Gendemann
Summary: An individual complained that her former psychiatrist, Dr. Gendemann, accessed her health information on Netcare after he had ceased being her doctor. The Adjudicator applied the principles set out... [More]
H2020-02 Feb 28 2020 Somayeh Pharmacy Ltd.
Summary: An individual provided Netcare logs showing access to her health information at a Shoppers Drug Mart location. At the time, the licensee of the pharmacy and custodian of the information for that... [More]
H2020-01 Feb 19 2020 Saeed Sattari, Affiliate
Summary: An individual provided Netcare logs showing access to her health information by pharmacist Saeed Sattari. Mr. Sattari responded that he did not access the health information but it must have been... [More]
P2020-02 Jan 31 2020 Manulife
Summary: An individual complained that the Standard Life Assurance Company (now Manulife) had collected and disclosed her personal information without her consent. The Adjudicator found that Manulife was... [More]
P2020-01 Jan 31 2020 Primco Dene (EMS) Ltd.
Summary: An individual made a complaint that her employer, Primco Dene, had disclosed details of a work place conflict to Standard Life, an insurer to which she had submitted a disability claim. The... [More]
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