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Investigation Reports


Under the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FOIP Act), Health Information Act (HIA) and Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA), the Commissioner has the power to conduct investigations to ensure compliance with the legislation. Under the FOIP Act and HIA, the Commissioner may also conduct investigations to ensure compliance with rules relating to the destruction of records. The results of these investigations and recommendations are included in investigation reports.

Investigation Reports are also in the CanLII database, The Canadian Legal Information Institute, at www.canlii.org.

Note: The search function for the table is limited to the content in the table, such as body name and summary. It does not scan all PDFs. However, the general search function in the top navigation of the website scans PDFs during a search.

Although the OIPC makes every effort to ensure that all information posted on the website is accurate and complete, the OIPC cannot guarantee its integrity. If there is any discrepancy between the information posted on our website and the original paper versions, the original paper document is authoritative.

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IR Date Body
F2018-IR-03 Sep 21 2018 City of Calgary
Summary: This investigation into an unauthorized disclosure of personal information by the City of Calgary was opened after the City of Calgary voluntarily reported a privacy breach to the OIPC. Seven... [More]
F2018-IR-02 Jun 19 2018 Balancing Pool
Summary: This investigation was opened to address whether the Balancing Pool destroyed records that were responsive to an access request. Two applicants made similar access to information requests to the... [More]
F2018-IR-01 Jun 19 2018 Government of Alberta
Summary: This investigation was opened after the release of Investigation Report F2016-IR-01 into alleged improper destruction of records following the May 2015 provincial election. An individual wrote a... [More]
H2018-IR-01 Oct 17 2018 Alberta Health Services
Summary: This investigation was opened after Alberta Health Services (AHS) reported a privacy breach to the OIPC about a former employee who had improperly accessed the health information of more than 12,000... [More]
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