Website Tips

This page is intended to help you navigate and adjust to the revamped format. Feedback is welcome, if you notice any errors or have comments or concerns, please submit it by email.


Search Function

  • General search function in top navigation scans all pages and PDFs on the site. Currently, Boolean operators and advanced search functions are unavailable. This is a feature the OIPC is looking to add.
  • There is also a search function on Decision tables, such as Orders, Investigation Reports, Breach Notification Decisions and Other Decisions. This function only searches content in the tables, not the content within PDFs.

What's New

Screenshot Whats New Dec2015

  • The headlines on What's New scroll on the homepage and along the footer of every other page. Click on the words "What's New" to redirect to a page with some of the most recent items posted on the website, including Orders, News Releases, Resources, etc.

Action Items

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  • The Action Items on the homepage are also available in left-hand navigation on the majority of pages. These are among the most used items for visitors to the OIPC's website. Note: How to Report a Privacy Breach is intended for organizations, public bodies and health custodians. For individuals who believe their privacy has been breached, view the Request a Review / File a Complaint page.

Web Analytics

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  •  The OIPC has introduced a privacy-protective analytics program. It is at your discretion whether to opt-in or out. The purpose is to ensure most important content to site visitors is made prominent on the site.

Related Items

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  • This icon indicates links to external websites.

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  • This icon indicates links to pages or PDFs within the OIPC's website.


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  • A to Z (includes All)
  • Legislation
    • FOIP Act
    • HIA
    • PIPA
  • Subject
    • More than 30 subjects on specific topics