2021-22 Quarterly Stats Reporting

The OIPC publishes the following information on a quarterly basis. These are not official statistics, and there is a backlog for entering opened and closed cases.

Also see the 2020-21 Quarterly Stats Reporting webpage. Official statistics for previous years are in annual reports.

Total Cases (Opened/Closed)*

Q2 Total Cases Nov2021

*Q1 is April 1 to June 30, Q2 is July 1 to September 30, Q3 is October 1 to December 31 and Q4 is January 1 to March 31.

Total Cases Opened/Closed by Legislation

Legislation Q1
Q2 Q3 Q4 Totals
FOIP Act 214/167 233/158     447/325
HIA 268/568 790/688     1,058/1,256
PIPA 95/119 139/68     234/187
Total 577/854 1,162/914     1,739/1,768

*There were three cases opened in Q3 under the Access to Motor Vehicle Information Regulation. Those cases were closed in Q4.

Cases Opened by Case Type**

Q1 Q2
Q1 Cases Opened Jul2021 Q2 Cases Opened Nov2021

Q3 Q4

Cases Closed by Case Type

Q1 Q2
Q1 Cases Closed Jul2021 Q2 Cases Closed Nov2021
Q3 Q4

**Other case types include investigations generated by Commissioner, offence investigations, requests for authorization to disregard requests, requests for information, requests to review third party intervention, requests to excuse fees, etc.