2019-20 Quarterly Stats Reporting

The OIPC publishes the following information on a quarterly basis.

These are not official statistics. Official statistics are included in annual reports.

Past years of quarterly stats reporting are available below:

Total Cases (Opened/Closed)*

Q3 Total Cases Jan2020

*Q1 is April 1 to June 30, Q2 is July 1 to September 30, Q3 is October 1 to December 31 and Q4 is January 1 to March 31.

Total Cases Opened/Closed by Legislation

Legislation Q1
Q2 Q3 Q4 Totals
FOIP Act 83/104 98/156 163/132   181/260
HIA 113/301 436/485 581/478   549/786
PIPA 18/61 78/118 115/109   96/179
Total 214/466 612/759 860/719*   1,686/1,994*

 *There was one case opened in Q3 under the Access to Motor Vehicle Information Regulation.

Cases Opened by Case Type**

Q1 Q2
Q1 Cases Opened Jul2019 Q2 Cases Opened Oct2019 
Q3 Cases Opened Jan2020   

Cases Closed by Case Type

Q1 Q2
Q1 Cases Closed Jul2019 Q2 Cases Closed Oct2019
Q3 Cases Closed Jan2020  

**Other case types include investigations generated by Commissioner, offence investigations, requests for authorization to disregard requests, requests for information, requests to review third party intervention, requests to excuse fees, etc.