About the OIPC

The Information and Privacy Commissioner is an Officer of the Legislature. The Commissioner reports directly to the Legislative Assembly of Alberta and is independent of the government of the day.

The mission of the office includes:

  • Advocating for the access and privacy rights of Albertans
  • Ensuring public bodies, health custodians and private sector organizations uphold the access and privacy rights contained in the laws of Alberta
  • Providing fair, independent and impartial reviews in a timely and efficient manner

Through the OIPC, the Commissioner performs the legislative and regulatory responsibilities set out in Alberta’s three access and privacy Acts:

The Commissioner oversees and enforces the administration of these Acts to ensure their purposes are achieved.

Powers, Duties and Functions

The Commissioner’s powers, duties and functions include:

  • Providing independent review and resolution on requests for review of responses to access to information requests.
  • Providing independent review and resolution complaints related to the collection, use and disclosure of personal and health information.
  • Investigating matters relating to the application of the Acts, whether or not a review is requested.
  • Deciding questions of fact and law by conducting inquiries and issuing binding orders.
  • Educating the public about access and privacy issues.
  • Receiving comments from the public concerning the administration of the Acts.
  • Advising and making recommendations about the application of the Acts to stakeholders.
  • Engaging in or commissioning research relating to the purposes of the Acts.
  • Commenting on legislative schemes or programs that have implications for access and privacy.
  • Commenting on the access and privacy implications of privacy impact assessments submitted to the office.

The Commissioner also has the power to review decisions of the Registrar of Motor Vehicle Services for access to personal driving and motor vehicle information under the Access to Motor Vehicle Information Regulation.