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The Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner is the regulatory body for the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (the FOIP Act), the Health Information Act (HIA) and the Personal Information Protection Act (Private Sector Privacy). The Commissioner also conducts inquiries under the Access to Motor Vehicle Information Regulation (AMVIR).

FOIP Act Review

News Release: 8 Tips for Holiday Shopping Online
November 27, 2015
As Albertans head online for sales for the holiday season, the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner provided tips for safe and secure shopping.

Investigation Report F2015-IR-01
November 19, 2015
An investigation report into the Government of Alberta's use and disclosure of public service salary, benefit and severance information under the Public Service Compensation Disclosure Policy.

News Release: Commissioner Completes Investigation of the Government of Alberta's 'Sunshine List'
November 19, 2015
The OIPC completed its investigation of the government's Public Service Compensation Disclosure Policy. The government has since introduced Bill 5, the Public Sector Compensation Transparency Act, to mandate agencies, boards and commissions to disclose salary information. “I highly recommend that agencies, boards and commissions complete privacy and access impact assessments as they turn their minds to proactive disclosure schemes. My office would be pleased to consult with them on this topic,”

Order F2015-33
November 12, 2015
The applicant made a request to the Out-of-Country Health Services Appeal Panel for a decision it made regarding a third party. The panel said it could not locate any responsive records, and the adjudicator determined that the panel performed an adequate search for records.

Order F2015-32
November 12, 2015
A number of determinations were made in relation to an access request for personal information held by the Lakeshore Regional Police Service.

Order P2015-10
November 12, 2015
The adjudicator determined that information was properly withheld by the Health Sciences Association of Alberta because the information was collected for the purpose of an investigation or legal proceeding. However, the organization was ordered to exercise its discretion to withhold an investigation report.

Order F2015-31
November 04, 2015
The adjudicator ordered Alberta Justice and Solicitor General to disclose records. The adjudicator found that Alberta Justice and Solicitor General had not properly withheld the requested records on the basis of solicitor-client privilege nor on the basis of settlement negotiation privilege. The applicant sought access to specified records about himself.

News Release: Supreme Court of Canada Grants Leave to Appeal in Case Involving Solicitor-Client Privilege
October 29, 2015
This case has significant implications for upholding the access rights of Albertans. Specifically, it impacts the Commissioner’s ability to provide effective oversight when reviewing decisions made by government ministries, post-secondary institutions, school boards and municipalities, among others, in response to access to information requests.

Order F2015-30
October 28, 2015
An individual requested a copy of an Edmonton Police Service (EPS) disciplinary decision involving a named constable. The adjudicator ordered one of the names withheld by EPS in the decision to be disclosed.

Order F2015-29
October 16, 2015
An adjudicator made a number of determinations on a request for records from Alberta Jobs, Skills, Training and Labour related to its dealings with the applicant over a specified period of time. The original version was posted on October 16, 2015 and a corrected version was posted on November 4, 2015.

Section 55 Decision - University of Alberta
October 07, 2015
The University of Alberta was authorized to disregard an access request.

Order F2015-27
October 07, 2015
Alberta Justice and Solicitor General did not have the authority to use the complainant's personal information from the Alberta Community Offender Management Database because the information was used in a way that was not consistent with the purpose for which it was collected.

Order F2015-28
October 07, 2015
Calgary Police Service did not properly apply a section of the FOIP Act when refusing to confirm or deny the existence of responsive records.

News Release: 2015 Recipient of the Robert C. Clark Award Announced
October 01, 2015
Bonnie Nelson is the 2015 recipient of the Robert C. Clark Award. The award recognizes a significant contribution to advancing access to information in Alberta.

Order P2015-09
September 24, 2015
There was no evidence that the law firm Roulston Chow had collected or used the complainant’s personal information.