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Recently news broke, machine washable jacket produce bombings spread throughout the streets, terrified many families main male housewives, so much the size of a jacket that is not to be washed by hand one by one, and Parajumpers Outlet that Leiya . Down really can not wash it with a washing machine? Actual fact, some washing machine is possible, but it should also operate properly, or you can use the washing machine wash, press down jacket manufacturers have not specified not wash it with a washing machine. Here Xiaobian summed up the points machine washable jacket precautions, as long as these points you can rest assured wash it!

Automatic washing machine and twin washing machine can wash down jacket, attentive friends will notice that there is careful not to wash down jacket on the manual. The drum washing machine is possible, but no injuries Parajumpers Canada on the jacket. But when the wash should be noted: a clothes-washing machine capacity can not exceed two-thirds of capacity; 2, add water to more than half the capacity of the laundry; 3, not dehydrated after washing, dehydration clothes Parajumpers Jackets will expand, bursting washing barrel, down jacket will be bursting at the seams; 4, if it is split down jacket inside and outside should be separated. Just do the above, you still can feel at ease with the drum type washing machine to wash down jacket.

If wearing a winter jacket is really dirty in custody would have to clean up, if you do not wash wash out next year may wash off, nor how warm up. But how it had washing method, many of my friends do not know how to wear only know to wash, washed, worked hard to find themselves after a good wash down jacket dry but found that many white soap stains Parajumpers Sale appear on the fabric, this should be how to do? Why is this so? Because when you put liquid detergent to wash down jacket excessive concentration is too high and there is no such situation occurs rinse. So how to put detergent that is washed clean sound and rinse it? Usually two basins of Cheap Parajumpers water into four tablespoons of detergent is sufficient. Concentrated the easy rinse, soap stains will appear more serious is the down jacket residual detergent will destroy the fluffy down jacket, greatly reducing the thermal effect.

Tips: 1, in order to be able to quickly rinse with warm water rinse, and two small spoons of vinegar added to the water, this jacket residual detergent to fully dissolve in water. 2, if there is a small amount of soap to Parajumpers Coats dry down jacket stains, use a clean cotton dipped in industrial alcohol repeatedly wipe a few times, then hot towel to wipe, it will not be, so you can rest assured that put the wardrobe to save waiting winter wear out next year.

However, if the jacket is not dirty no need to clean, breathable pouch with a good package, remember to put inside a camphor balls to prevent the infestation, and then stored in dry and ventilated wardrobe can be, but also to prevent PJS Jackets Do note that the above weight. More rain in summer and autumn, to regularly put down jacket out to air dry to prevent mildew. If you find a moldy, you can use cotton dipped industrial alcohol wipe, clean wet towel and then gently wipe clean, dry thoroughly and then properly collection. But certainly not in the sun exposure, otherwise become type aliasing fade.