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Moose Knuckles Canada, Moose Knuckles Jackets Sale

Down in the winter must-assembly, although warm, but it is a chore to clean, if cleaning by conventional washing down jacket would have great damage, but also have dried up after the white stains difficult to see, in order to save time, many of my friends chose to dry trouble, in fact, down jacket how friends should read carefully wash washing water mark, Moose Knuckles Canada are generally not dry cleaning, dry cleaning down jacket warm effect will be affected. That in the end how to wash it, I press my usual experience to share with you:

With the deepening of the winter, the weather is getting cold, Jilin has appeared in many areas of the arctic weather of minus 30 degrees, the majority of the north yesterday also ushered in the coldest day, even the Moose Knuckles Sale relatively southern Jiangsu, nighttime temperatures are has been lower than minus 10 degrees. So the cold weather, not a natural little warm down jacket, but the jacket though common, but many still do not know how to pick MM and maintenance, it took some knowledge of Xiao Bian here to tell you slightly.

Selection of jackets, first look at the amount of cashmere. Cashmere at least more than 80% better, which means that there are 80% filler and 20% feather velvet, velvet warmth excellent velvet intertwined filaments above can form a stable thermal protection layer, cashmere natural high point better, but you can keep the fluffy feather down jacket, but the Moose Knuckles Jackets content is not too high, too high, it is easy to cause heat loss. Yong Shounie to distinguish can pinch to hair terrier obvious than the velvet containing high, low and vice versa. Second, depending on the type of velvet. As the saying goes a pound of cotton velvet pounds, three times the warmth is usually cotton velvet, of course, is the best quality white goose down, followed by gray goose, duck and gray again white duck down. General white goose down jacket price is little less than four digits, so the market is still the most common white duck down, relatively affordable, warm and not depend on. In particular, note that some businesses even with a lint fly wire to fill, which is called Down the origins of those one hundred, if not likely to distinguish, to try to choose a regular brand, but do not buy the price is too low. Again, depending on the Moose Knuckles Parka charge down the amount. Cashmere rate refers to the proportion accounted for feather and down, and charge down the amount refers to the total weight of the padding inside a velvet jacket. This index is critical, remember to ask when buying customer, if in the south, charge down the amount of short down jacket at around 100 grams on basic enough, but at least 130 grams or more of a short section of the north, on this basis, the long down jacket now add 30 to 50 percent on frozen otherwise it would only be a beautiful person. General formal manufacturers will specify these indices, remember to ask when buying.

Down there is an important measure of the index is fluffy, referring per 30 grams down the amount of space, in a down jacket filled with layers of limited space, the higher the degree of fluffy, apparently even more Moose Knuckles Toronto warmth. The indicators in the country is not a hard target, it is not necessarily accurate measurements, but can be observed resilience to identify jacket, down jacket flatten, and then start to look at it reinstated the time spent, the shorter bulkiness on high. Of course, but also noted that the quality of bile cloth, feather smooth and delicate, are particularly vulnerable to out drilling, bile cloth quality workmanship is very important now to pat down jacket, there is no drill down to look at, and if there is, it is certainly inferior products . Bile cloth compare prices down, but they have to cut corners here, inside the feather quality can be imagined? There are some basic common sense comparative smell the odor, down due to animal fur, there is a certain smell is normal, but if the smell is too heavy then the cleanliness is not enough, we should try to avoid.

Down again to talk about maintenance. Do not always wash down jacket, it is not so easy to dirty, if only a small dirty wipe with a towel on it. Even dirty should be washed by hand, and is washed with water, do not Moose Knuckles Outlet dry clean. In warm water of 30 degrees is best, rinse water temperature of 30 degrees also can be fully dissolved in the washing water economy, but does not remain on the inside of the down harm. Do not wring after washing, not drying, I believe MM were also Moose Knuckles down jacket before the burst explosion news impression, right? Down a result, a large amount of drying gas can not be discharged, the results of "bang" explosion, and very dangerous drops ~ ~ let it dry naturally you can, and then dried to gently after each shot and let the inside filled with fluffy down recovery.